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La Chica


  • Saturday 18 16:50 - 17:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

Music, magic and ritual

For French-Venezualan artist Sophie Fustec, music and magic are two sides of the same coin. On her 2020 album, “La Loba”, music becomes a ritual, performed mostly with just a piano and her voice. Her compositions move between the delicate - echoes of Débussy’s romantic swathes of colour - and the primal - an earthy and fiery physicality that she connects with her Latin side. It’s the merger of these two apparently contradictory impulses that give her music such a unique appeal - and provides a place for her to tackle heavy subjects: grief at the death of her brother, her artistic companion; the repressed ancestral power of women across the world; societies disconnected from the natural world.