SonarPark by DICE

Juicy Bae


  • Friday 17 16:15 - 17:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarPark by DICE

A flamenco-trap exploration of PTSD

The adjectives used to describe global trap music - romantic, emotionally raw, unfiltered - are the same ones that were once used in reference to flamenco. Juicy Bae makes music that joins the dots between the flamenco she grew up listening to in Seville and the Spanish trap scene: songs for the lovesick, the jilted, and the broken-hearted. The 24 year old wears her heart on her sleeve like Andalusian flamenco legend Camarón but knows how to ride a beat like A$AP Rocky or Ñengo Flow. 2020 was a busy year for the former dancer and fashion student. After lending her luscious flow to rising Madrileno trap star (and member of C. Tangana’s Agorazein) Sticky M.A.’s "Mami Dónde Estás", she released her most fully-formed musical statement yet, the 7-track EP “La Noche Ke Me Muera". She’s currently working on a new concept album “PTSD”, which tackles the subject of post-traumatic stress disorder, which she’ll present live at Sónar 2022.