• Saturday 18 00:40 - 02:40

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Expanding UK dance music

In the decade since the game-changing Hyph Mngo, Joy Orbison has cemented his reputation as one of the defining producers of the UK scene, thanks to a high quality catalogue of releases, each contributing in turn to expand the sound of UK dance music in exciting new directions.  A closer look at releases such as 2019s Slipping EP reveals an artist of outstanding talent and complexity, whose tracks shine with hidden layers of sound design and idiosyncratic production choices. More recently his collaboration with Overmono, ‘Bromley’ - with it’s delayed, euphoric break, was a lockdown anthem in search of a dancefloor. Given his continuing influence on underground dance music, it only makes sense that that dancefloor will be at Sónar 2022.