ISEA2022 Barcelona - Sónar co-presenta una serie de piezas audiovisuales

ISEA2022 Barcelona - Sónar will co-present three series of audiovisual pieces

Sónar and ISEA join forces and agendas for their respective editions. Coordinated by Hac Te - Barcelona’s Art, Science and Technology hub - ISEA 2022 Barcelona (International Symposium of Electronic Arts) - which will be held in Barcelona and across Catalonia from 10. to 16. June - and Sónar+D are jointly presenting a series of activities at both events. Specifically, ISEA is partnering with Sónar for the programme of SonarÀgora, Sónar+D’s training and debate space for artists and professionals.

Sónar will co-present three series of audiovisual pieces as part of the ISEA 2022 Barcelona programme covering possible futures related to gender, environment, human rights and machines.

The alliance between Sónar and ISEA 2022 Barcelona reflects a characteristic that marks both events and is an inherent quality of the electronic arts: their hybrid dimension. This collaboration aims to reinforce the synergies between the academic, research-focused community and the artists and their audience.

ISEA2022 Barcelona
Audiovisual Pieces
CCCB (C. de Montalegre, 5)
From 10th to 16th June from 10am to 8pm

In association with ISEA2022 Barcelona and Hac Te