• Saturday 18 23:40 - 01:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab by Resident Advisor

Rhythmic, mischievous and shadowy club music

Driven by percussion, yet inspired by dreams, nature and her own childhood, Italian-Ivorian producer Ehua’s music is conceptually and sonically slippery. It’s murky and shadowy yet also surprisingly light-footed, with a mischievous sense of fun to it. Whether DJing or producing, she combines a passion for rhythm and a keen sense of artistic curiosity. Take 2021’s Aquamarine EP: she sampled the sound of a butter knife hitting a half-filled thermos flask; and used jazz brushes to get the kind of feather-light, yet flowing textures that evoke ripples across water. An artist whose engagements go beyond music - she co-runs GRIOT, a media platform and creative collective focusing on art from Africa and the African diaspora -  she’s also composed soundtracks for film and performance art.. Expect a deep, dynamic set at Sónar by Night, pulling in sounds from the bass-heavy, rhythmically diverse corners of global club culture.