b1n0 Live A/V


  • Thursday 16 14:30 - 15:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Delicate, homespun electronica

b1n0’s delicate electronica has a homespun feel to it. Weaving together glitches, pulses, crackles and glossy basslines, the Catalan duo often sound more like artisans than ‘producers’. Their latest EP, ‘bi’, released in November 2021, expanded the template from their self-titled debut album, with 5 tracks that each feature a distinct vocal contribution from Catalan artists: El Petit De Cal Eril, Ferran Palau, Meritxel Nedderman, Tarta Relena & Marina Herlop. As ever, the voices are both protagonists and instruments within b1n0’s compositions, the duo drawing, erasing and re-drawing the lines between pop and experimentalism, as they sketch out their own distinctive musical language. For Sónar by Day, they’ve prepared a special AV show that will feature music from their forthcoming album, assisted by frequent collaborators Phoac and Núria Graham and other special guests.