Andreas Refsgaard: 'Playful Machine Learning' Masterclass


  • Thursday 16 14:30 - 16:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarÀgora

'Playful Machine Learning' Masterclass

The 21st Century has opened up new possibilities for creative expression and artistic practice. Few represent those possibilities better than ‘creative coder’ Andreas Refsgaard, who uses algorithms, code and machine learning to experiment and play with digital technologies.

His approach to his medium is humorous and irreverent, yet his - typically interactive - work also carries a serious undertone. By employing a naive, open-minded approach, Andreas is able to explore the more consequential questions surrounding digital technologies and their use in an accessible and engaging manner. Take, for example, his ‘Behind the paywall’ project, where he developed an AI tool that imagined what articles from the New York Time (which employs a paywall) might look like based on their titles and opening paragraphs. He’s also dreamed up an AI that writes science fiction novels, a mobile app that generates poetry based on what it sees through the user’s camera, and an interactive installation that let participants at Roskilde Festival in his native Denmark ‘talk’ to a 40 year old chestnut tree. 

Andreas also teaches machine learning and AI via various workshops aimed at a variety of different disciplines from curious amateurs to creatives, coders and developers. For Sónar+D 2022, he’ll host a Masterclass session in the new SonarÁgora debate area, looking at how machine learning and AI can be used for entertainment and interaction on the web.