The Chemical Brothers

Astralwerks / UK

Block rocking beats

The Chemical Brothers will once again reign at SonarClub, presenting a new show and new album, “No Geography”, their ninth so far, unanimously considered by critics and the media as one of the most solid and inventive of their career. Their expertise in the combination of psychedelia and electronic music for the masses is unrivalled in large venues, constantly renewing their show with new performance formats and visually stunning technology, and always giving it all they’ve got on stage. This time around they’ll be adding new bombs such as “Eve Of Destruction” (already one of their best tracks ever), “Bango” and “Got To Keep On” to their already brilliant list of hits, with “Leave Home”, “Block Rockin’ Beats”, “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and “Galvanize” at the helm.

Of the projects that defined big beat and stadium electronic music of the early and mid-90s (The Prodigy, Orbital, Fatboy Slim et al.), Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are the only ones that have never lost their continuity or come down from the premiere division. Since the impact of “Exit Planet Dust” (1995), they’ve released countless albums, singles and remixes, continually touring and creating new shows for festivals and clubs, and have managed to breathe new life into their formula, attracting new generations of fans. Recently, Australian production crew The Avalanches remixed their track “Out Of Control”, off their third album “Surrender”, which they reissued at the end of 2019 in deluxe format to coincide with their 20th anniversary. But the nostalgia that surrounds them has more to do with their followers. The Brothers just keep on doing what they do best: produce hits and psychedelic gems for the dancefloor and for the world.