Princess Nokia

Rough Trade / US

Chameleon-like energy

Harlem's most charismatic and outspoken MC, Destiny Frasqueri aka Princess Nokia, is back. She's currently preparing to release a new album, still without an official title, which she'll present on very few and well chosen occasions in Europe this summer, and one of them will be at Sónar. The princess of New York returns to give another twist to her career, following an album in which she bravely experimented with the sounds of rock and indie-pop. Always creating without fear, doing exactly what she feels she has to do at every moment, and not giving a damn about the opinions of others, it seems that she'll return to her origins on her new album. Or at least that's what we can intuit after having heard the first two singles, "Sugar Honey Iced Tea" and "Balenciaga", both with very powerful videos that confirm her chameleon-like abilities and talent, her personal magnetism, and the appeal of her lyrical and sonic discourse. No doubt her new songs will sound perfect on the SonarVillage by Estrella Damm green grass, alongside hits like "Kitana", "Brujas" and "Tomboy".