Resident Advisor

Helena Hauff

Return To Disorder / DE

This is techno

While techno becomes increasingly beholden to flash in the pan trends and successes, Helena Hauff sits comfortably above the fray. In her hands, techno and electro become malleable, throbbing material, like a living being that she controls and pampers for the duration of her sets, and that lives long in the memory after she’s done. No stranger to Sónar, she’s exhibited her skill on several occasions, both on her own and as part of a b2b with Ben UFO in 2016. This year she returns to the festival with nothing to prove, giving her the perfect platform to show off her consummate skill. 

Away from the decks, the last few years have seen her increasingly focused on the studio, with releases such as the LP "Qualm" (Ninja Tune, 2018) and the EPs "Have You Been There, Have You Seen It" (Ninja Tune, 2017) and "Living With Ants" (Return To Disorder, 2019) serving as extensions of that natural talent for manipulating and accentuating the base elements of electro and techno.