Eric Prydz

Pryda Recordings / SE

Expert hands

When it comes to making a massive crowd of more than 15.000 people dance, few DJs know how to hit the right key. Eric Prydz is one of them. But it’s not only about completely mastering the language of the dancefloor: Prydz is recognized the world over for his immersive shows and his tireless work in the art of transforming a DJ set into a complete audiovisual show. That’s why we’ve reserved a key moment for him to play: prime-time on the Saturday night at SonarClub. Prydz, born in Sweden but based in Los Angeles, is a techno veteran, producer, DJ, remixer and head of the Pryda Records label. Recently he celebrated the platform’s 15 year anniversary with a compilation of some of his best tracks under the name Pryda (curiously one of them is titled “Sonar”), and also put out material with another of his aliases, Cirez D, which has been active since 2003. Despite having reaped several commercial successes (“Call On Me” was the biggest), Prydz has worked all his life from the underground and is admired by people like Laurent Garnier or Four Tet, who remixed a track of his a couple of years ago. With him at the controls, we know that SonarClub is in the best of hands.