Carl Cox



In a hypothetical ranking of the most popular DJs in history, Carl Cox would surely be in the Top 5. In fact, he’s been named “best DJ in the world” by magazines and specialized media on numerous occasions, in addition to being one of the crowd’s favourites since way back when. Because indeed, Carl Cox has been present since the beginning of the techno boom: he was one of the first DJs to become a world superstar, and there is no doubt that he was a pioneer in the art of channeling the power of techno and house to big clubs and mass audiences. His career began in the mid-80s, which means he’s been dedicated to DJing and producing for nearly 4 decades. In his early years he was nicknamed the Three Deck Wizard for his ability to mix with three decks, at a time when there was no such thing as sync buttons, and digital DJing technology was still a fantasy. In all these years, Cox’s style has continued to evolve and adapt perfectly to all the changes of the industry, standing firm on the frontline in the clubs of Ibiza and around the world, thanks mainly to the two virtues that have made him one of the greatest DJs in dance music history: an incomparable charisma on the international circuit and his undying love for electronic music. This year he will be one of the main protagonists of Sónar by Night (Saturday 20 June at SonarClub), and we couldn’t be happier to have him back.