AJ Tracey


Perfection over any beat

There’s no question AJ Tracey had to be on the list of heavy hitting MCs and DJs from the UK rap/garage scene at Sónar this year. The rapper from Ladbroke Grove, a supreme lord of the mics and rhyme master, flows over every possible style in the London tradition, and smashes it every time. On his latest hit, titled “Ladbroke Grove” in honour of his hood (it’s video has racked up more than 25 million views on YouTube), Tracey rhymes over an irresistible 2-step beat produced by none other than Conducta, also part of this year’s line-up. And this isn’t the only banger that Tracey has released alongside artists who’ll be performing at the festival in 2020: three years ago him and Dave recorded one of the grime/UK rap anthems of the decade, “Thiago Silva”, in honour of the PSG captain. He also flirts with dancehall on “Butterflies”, produced by up-and-coming Nyge, or with vibrant funk-house on “3AM”, with Baauer at the controls. The 25 year old MC self-released his first self-titled album last year, without the need for a label, maintaining his fierce independence and with no intention of abandoning the underground despite his resounding success. This will be his second performance at Sónar following his debut in 2017. On this occasion he will be taking the reins of SonarPub by Thunder Bitch, demonstrating how much of a guiding light he’s become for urban music scene worldwide.