Royal Bliss
ROYAL BLISS will be at Sónar Barcelona with its own space where you can enjoy a selection of Premium cocktails designed by our team of Bartender The Crew made up of 10 internationally renown bartenders. Some of them: such as: Alfredo Pernía, Adriana Chía, Javier Caballero o Miguel Pérez.

We will show a different way to live a festival in which you will enjoy an assortment of 10 Premium Royal Bliss mixers with a selection of perfect serves created for the occasion. A team of specialized bartenders will be preparing a broad variety of cocktails created specially for Sónar 2019. 

In addition we will present on exclusive the tenth Royal Bliss variety: Brave Ginger Beer, a cocktail designed specially for the festival: Sónar Mule. A mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime kefir perfume. 

Coca-Cola knows that cocktails are still trending in 2019, so we will continue to innovate and break new ground everyday in the world of mixes, to ensure the best of our products, with the best ingredients, the utmost perfect serve and the best professionals.