absolut vodka

To live and experience a more open world through music is a synonym of this advanced music festival. It is also the best place to meet awesome people who live with freedom, equality and sustainability as their strongest believes.

This summer Absolut will be at Sónar Barcelona 2019 through a collaboration with four people representing a new way of life. People with new identities, genres, jobs, commitments, causes and a new philosophy.
A cyborg, a queer activist, a plasticarian and a virtual celebrity are the protagonists of “We are a new world”, Absolut´s invitation to meet these characters and encourage people at the festival to discover and meet each other.
Absolut will be present at Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night with some activities to make people discover these new world ambassadors in different ways and venues.
For one more edition, Absolut and Sónar+D collaborate to materialize an artistic installation that shares a common value for both: the power of creativity and the art to change and seek for progress. SonarSpoiler by Absolut is an immersive image and sound installation in which visitors can see a new edition – without dialogues and a new plot – of the short film “Je te tiens”. This movie, which is 2019 Sónar´s campaign – written and directed by Sergio Caballero –, arrives to the festival as a tribute to Hitchcock’s film noir but with a car chase that will reveal the end of the original film "Je te tiens".
At Sónar by Day, Absolut will introduce the campaign of new world characters with artworks invading its venue. Attendants may also be able to take a picture that will make them meet other ‘new world people’ present at the festival through a stickers game. In addition, at Sónar by Day they can taste the new Absolut Iced cocktails in Pinneapple & Ginger and Orange Screwdriver flavours. At Sónar by Night, the four protagonists will be present at a giant bar and one of the resting areas of the festival built by Absolut.