SonarDôme presented by Red Bull

Yakamoto Kotzuga

La Tempesta / IT

  • Saturday 20 16:50 - 17:40

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme presented by Red Bull

Multiple personality

Giacomo Mazzucato, who goes by the pseudonym Yakamoto Kotzuga, says he mostly plays guitar and bass. Yet his intricate, skittering beats suggest a kinship with many electronic styles, from downtempo to hip-hop to IDM. But that’s not all this musically omnivorous Italian artist does. On his 2015 debut album, Usually Nowhere, squeaky synths provided a backdrop for jazzy compositions in the mold of Flying Lotus, interwoven with whispering samples. His latest album Slowly Fading, released in March 2018, employs ricocheting percussion and reverb-heavy synth lines, on tracks that range in mood from contemplative to melancholic and ominous. Mazzucato sounds like a different artist from song to song, ensuring that listening to his work is never dull.