Virgen Maria

Perth Records / ES

  • Friday 19 20:45 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Hail Mary

Under the veil of Virgen Maria is Spanish artist Maria Forqué, long a fixture of Madrid’s nightlife and transgressive art scene, recently transplanted to London. With Virgen María, her discourse of personality as celebrity expands into the world of musical recording and performance, a step which has gained her the attention of the new and exciting British label Perth records. Forthcoming EP G.O.D. sees her move through a suitably leftfield palette of on trend sounds, from digital dancehall to dembow, gabber, trance and PC Music. Live, the project allows her to explore the ideas that have been at the core of her instagram success and public profile to date: the body as currency, sexuality as agency and the eclosion of the organic and digital, the human and the technological.