• Friday 19 22:00 - 22:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

A sting in the tale

“Narrative” is often used to justify long, boring sets, that seem to stretch on forever without ever getting going. Not so with Tutu, whose breakneck sets veer from deconstructed club music to night bass to experimental grime without losing sight of a unifying theme. This ability, to tell a story without losing the crowd speaks to her consummate skill with the rapid fire edit, as well as knowing her library backwards, enabling her to choose exactly the right track for the right moment, to set the dancefloor alight. This year Tutu will make the leap to Sónar by Night, where she'll be presenting a new audiovisual journey created in collaboration with Serafín Álvarez, especially for the occasion.

Things are picking up quickly for Gemma Planell, the person behind the DJ moniker Tutu. The year has seen her play everywhere from Krakow’s Unsound to Tresor and Hamburg’s Golden Pudel, with guest mixes and shows for Lobster Theremin, XLR8R, Paralelo 3 and of course Sónar. Who better to set the scene for Acid Arab’s live show at Sónar by Night?