• Friday 19 16:20 - 17:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme presented by Red Bull

Feminism, r&b and post-punk

Tewadaj Eva Moolchan keeps her music spare, stripped back and tight – all the better to show off the irresistible hooks that swarm her no-nonsense post-punk vignettes. Under the name Sneaks, debut album “Gymnastics” set out the New Yorker’s droll, dreamy vocals over spasmodic rhythms and neat, efficient bass melodies. A year later, “It’s a Myth” refined her aesthetic with hypnotic mantras (“Look Like That”) and discomfiting nursery rhymes (“Not My Combination”). With a musical background indebted as much to Nelly Furtado as L7, interests in Atlanta’s Awful Records and exploring the sounds of her Ethiopian heritage, Moolchan is the natural meeting point of a plethora of disparate influences. It’s to her credit that this manifests itself in music so concise and confident. Her new album, “Highway Hypnosis” (Merge, 2019), plays on hip hop, post-punk, and invented words to fill a gap between the feminist underground and genre-specific singles charts. Through it, Moolchan joins the resistance forged by queer black feminists who create, explore, empower, conquer, and play bass.