• Saturday 20 21:30 - 22:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Everything, Everything

With RRUCCULLA the Basque drummer and producer Izaskun Gonzalez has turned her attention to electronic music, with astoundingly inventive results. While her training in free jazz goes some way to explaining the breakneck, time signature rupturing energy of the beats on recent release SHuSH, the album transcends genre completely, pointing the way to a new frontier for electronic music, both hyperactive and introspective.

Perhaps the best qualifier that can be applied to her work is “imaginative”, filled as it is with a sense of adventure and playfulness that by turns bewilder and excite. Saccharine pops and whirls, evocative perhaps of PC Music, coexist alongside 8-bit samples, rave breakdowns, double time drum solos or happy hardcore-esque vocal samples. This is dance music at its most ambitious, and those who make it to her opening set at the Resident Advisor SonarLab will be amply rewarded.