Quiet Ensemble - Back Symphony


  • Friday 19 20:20 - 21:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

Light. Entertainment.

Pulling back the curtain on audiovisual performance, in Back Symphony the Italian creators Bernnardo Vercelli and Fabio Di Salvo, invite the audience into the creation of the piece. Starting with a blank stage, elements will be introduced gradually - light, sound, noise, machinery - building up a symphony, which, counterintuitively, will cease to exist the moment it is assembled.

Since 2009 the Italian duo have formed the nucleus of Quiet Ensemble, a collective of artists working in audiovisual performance and sound art. In the intervening decade, they’ve created a number of works rooted in minimalism and exploring the idea of the “invisible concert”. Inspired by John Cage, a Quiet Ensemble show focuses on those moments in performance that often pass unnoticed, an effect achieved through the imaginative use of sound and software, that translates movement into a symphony of the unintended.