• Friday 19 21:30 - 22:35

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Sounds of the Underground

The Venezuelan born producer Fran Meija has been active in the Barcelona electronic underground under various guises for a number of years. 2018 however has been a breakout year, with two projects in particular causing a stir amongst those in the know: The free form house and analogue jams of People You May Know - an improvisational duo formed with Ylia, and Dos Ritmos - a latin tinged project with Luca Lozano that seeks the symbiosis of ancestral beats and electronics. Both projects have seen releases this year (on Hooded records and Klasse Wrecks respectively), which show off Meijas diverse talents and inspirations.

All of this adds up to a rounded artist capable of exploring the outer reaches of dance music, which is exactly what will happen in his Friday night set, opening the Resident Advisor SonarLab.