Nicola Cruz

ZZK Records / EC

  • Saturday 20 16:15 - 17:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Ancestral spirit, global resonance

Nicola Cruz is perhaps the most well known proponent of forward thinking dance music with latin - or to be more precise, Andean - influences. Still based in Quito, Ecuador in the Andean foothills, his work continues to imbue the folk traditions and instruments of the area with a new emotional resonance for modern dancefloors. In 2019 he'll return to Sónar with a new show and album that we'll be able to talk more about very soon.

In 2016, when he first played Sónar, Nicola Cruz was little known on the international circuit. It was clear to anyone who saw the show, or watched the replay on youtube, that wouldn't remain the case for long. The show, which showcased his LP Prender el Alma followed collaborations with Nicolas Jaar and stints as a sound artist. His fascination with the ancient music and traditions of the Andes was further developed on Espíritu and Cantos de Vision - both released on the excellent Montreal label Multi Culti. These 2017 releases took his music, and his renown, to a new level, leading to performances at venues and festivals around the world, and full circle to SonarHall, the stage where many discovered him for the first time.