SonarLab presented by Resident Advisor

Neon Chambers (Kangding Ray + Sigha)


  • Saturday 20 00:50 - 01:50

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Techno luminaries

Lighting the path to the future of techno is this duo formed by two of the genre’s finest practitioners; Sigha, the indefatigable explorer of the outer reaches of sound design and Kangding Ray, whose releases on Raster Noton and Mute have pushed the genre forward. Together as Neon Chambers, their mission is to push form and format to new limits, both in terms of live sound design and audiovisual performance.

For this challenging and pioneering new show, David Letellier and James Shaw will build on their years of experience at the forefront of exquisitely crafted electronica to craft a live performance that confronts and confounds expectations, whilst carrying a high dose of narrative and visual content.