• Thursday 18 16:00 - 16:50

    Sónar by Day - SonarDôme presented by Red Bull

A trip to the unknown

Milan Warmoeskerken skirts the edges of dance music while never allowing his listeners to get totally comfortable. The Antwerp-based artist’s early work often veered towards ambient – his 2016 release “Intact” would be perfectly lovely to fall asleep to. However, a split EP with Ekolali the following year, for the Hague label home to Legowelt and SFV Acid, BAKK, showed a new direction, more rhythmic and dynamic. His latest offering, the “Envelope” LP on Ekster, is described as metallic yet fluid, with intricate, piecey textures and gentle, often skittering rhythms: “brain-dancing”, rather than “four-to-the-floor raving”. Tranquil, but with an edge of the unknown, the Red Bull Music Academy alumnus brings his improvisational approach to the stage at Sónar Barcelona for the first time.