• Friday 19 14:30 - 15:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall


MANS O is back. After what feels like too long, but in reality has only been a couple of years, the Catalan producer returns with a triple LP that is an expansion of both his sound and his concept. Produced during an extended stay in London over the last 2 years, "Three Stages of Change Appreciation" is an exciting addition to the oeuvre of an artist at the forefront of Barcelona's electronic scene. The LP will be accompanied by a new live show, and while it's too early to confirm details, the inquisitive and exploratory nature of this artist means we can guarantee this won't be your standard live electronica setup. A/V, dance and innovative stage design could all play a part.

Roman Daniel is the man behind the MANS O moniker. First exploding onto the scene in the early 2010's, his releases on Disboot (the Macaya EP in 2014 and the LP Thirst o Sed in 2016), surprised for their maturity of sound, given the producer's young age. Since then we've been treated to two tracks -123 4567 and Mirror Outside- that hint at his ongoing evolution. We're glad he's returned.