Mall Grab

Looking For Trouble / AU

  • Friday 19 02:25 - 03:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Suburban Bass

Cheekily named for “the wrong way to hold a skateboard”, the young Australian producer Mall Grab, has carved a line through the crowded club music scene in recent years thanks to his crisp productions that inject a wistful sense of suburban longing over crunchy 808’s, pitch perfect acid bass and rap samples. Such is his status amongst his peers, that his SonarClub set, nestled between Underworld and Disclosure’s DJ set makes perfect sense for Sónar 2019.

Originally hailing from Newcastle in Australia, Jordan Alexander first drew attention for his early releases on Shall Not Fade, the always original Unknown to the Unknown and Canada’s 1080p. Unafraid to explore new facets of his sound, each new release represents a clear stage in his development as an artist, a progression that has seen him gain the respect of his peers and critics alike. This journey has led to the creation of his own label Looking for Trouble, on which he recently released, How the Dogs Chill Vol.1.