Lil Moss & Friends

Damed Squad / ES

  • Saturday 20 18:35 - 19:25

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Fully chill

In a scene where standing out often requires supersize egos, Lil Moss is an anomaly thanks to his reputation as one of the nicest rappers in the game, an opinion shared by the cream of the Spanish trap scene, from Cecilio G and Yung Beef through to Steve Lean and Retro Money, all of whom have collaborated with him. But more than his positive mental attitude, Lil Moss - aka Le Petit Brioche - stands out for his tracks that draw from electropop, kawaii and the music of North Africa, as well as the more rote latinx-trap and dembow rhythms. A charming addition to SonarXS, where he’ll be joined by some of his many famous friends.