Leon Vynehall

Ninja Tune / UK

  • Thursday 18 19:00 - 21:00

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

In constant motion

With “Nothing is Still” his debut LP on Ninja Tune, the producer Leon Vynehall shows off a compositional talent that stands head and shoulders above his peers. Conceived as an instrumental concept album that tells the story of his grandparent’s journey to New York as immigrants in the 1960’s, Vynehall deploys an arsenal of exquisitely arranged, layered and treated samples to create a contemplative, melancholic and emotional masterpiece. Created from sessions recorded with a 10 piece orchestra, Nothing is Still nods both backwards, to the work of contemporary classical greats such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and forward to the kind of post-ambient club music championed by the likes of Objekt and Ben Frost.

This duality should come as no surprise to those who have closely followed his career over the past few years. From his more dancefloor orientated releases on Rush hour and Running Back to EP’s on Aus Music and Royal Oak, or his recent, superlative addition to the DJ Kicks series, Vynehall has always shown an ability to convey an emotional charge, while appealing to the primal instinct in all of us to dance. His set at SonarVillage will achieve exactly this, giving him free range to explore every aspect of his diverse and unique sound.