• Friday 19 01:50 - 02:45

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Modern Dance

The career of Jerrylin Patton is one that we’ve followed closely at Sónar, ever since we were enthralled by her early releases on Mike Paradinas’ Footwork compilations on Planet Mu. This year she returns to the festival with a new album that sees her further develop the genre to a level where, quite frankly, no other electronic artist is working at. Autobiography (Music from Wayne McGregor’s Autobiography), saw the Chicago artist take on a commission from the contemporary dance auteur to create music for his latest piece. The result, in Jlin’s hands, has transcended the limits of a soundtrack to become a work of art in its own right - drawing a direct line from the footwork battles of her native chicago to the high-culture expression of modern dance.

Since her first releases on the Bangs & Works compilations, responsible for spreading the word around the world about what was then a hyperlocal scene, Jlin has steadily developed her practise, resulting in the albums Dark Energy and Black Origami, both milestones in the genre and in electronic music in general. Although a solitary artist by nature and predilection - often retreating to the hotel after the show to work on still more tracks - in 2018 she collaborated with Holly Herndon on the track Godmother, which showcased their combined talents alongside that of the AI Spawn. With such a pedigree, who knows what to expect next from Jlin, only that it's guaranteed to make you dance.