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Nyegue Nyegue / UG

  • Friday 19 18:35 - 19:35

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Kampala Calling

A walking, breathing example of the diversity of Kampala’s arts and culture scene, Hibo Elmi is, amongst other things, a DJ, filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, rapper and producer. A self described cultural nomad, her one rule is that rules are there for breaking; a philosophy that extends to her DJ sets where, trap, hip-hop, house and genres such as Kenya’s Taraab or Morocco’s Gnawa, collide to create a vibrant contemporary collage.

Already featured on Boiler Room and NTS’ coverage of the ever influential Nyege Nyege Tapes festival, she was also personally invited to Berlin’s Forecast Festival by Holly Herndon, where she performed under her ‘poetic terrorism’ alias Ninjabi. Her set at Sónar promises to surprise, thrill and provoke in equal measure.