Four Tet

Text Records / UK

  • Friday 19 03:50 - 05:20

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Sense and sensibility

One of the best respected and most loved electronic musicians of the last 20 years, Four Tet has chosen Sónar as his only Spanish festival appearance in 2019, marking his first return since taking the controls at SonarCar a few years ago. As anyone there can attest, a session from Four Tet is an education as well as an experience, which makes us all the more excited for this years live/dj hybrid.

It’s safe to say there isn’t anybody working in music today who doesn’t look up to Kieran Hebden. From his post rock act Fridge, through to his late 90’s sample based folktronica masterpieces, his deep dive into free jazz along side drummer Steve Reid, or his expanding love of big room dance music, few other figures command as much respect for their vision or abilities as Four Tet. The fact that this admiration crosses such wide genres and styles - artists from Burial to Radiohead, Lana del Rey to Eric Prydz have commissioned him for remixes - only speaks to his supreme sensibility, and unbridled passion for electronic music in all its forms.