Floating Points (6h set)

Eglo / UK

  • Friday 19 00:00 - 06:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarCar

Night drive

The first pilot to strap into the driving seat of SonarCar is Floating Points. No stranger to the long form DJ set, Sam Shepard is one of the few DJ's capable of weaving tracks from across genres and eras into exhilarating dancefloor narratives. A walking encyclopaedia of dance music history, his sets reflect his extraordinary breadth of knowledge, where funk, house, jazz, soul, world beat and techno co-exist. Shepard is also an expert at reading the crowd, whether in small capacity venues such as the much missed Plastic People, or at festivals. All of this makes SonarCar's self-contained clubbing space the perfect match for a DJ of such inimitable scope and talent.

In parallel to his career as a DJ, Shepard is also a critically acclaimed producer, with a number of 12" releases and remixes to his name released through his own label (Eglo Records), as well as on prestigious platforms such as Planet Mu, Luaka Bop or Pluto. His eclectic tastes as a DJ are matched in his own releases, with the acoustic experimentation of the Floating Points Ensemble, or his leaning into free jazz and cinematic structures on albums Elaenia (2015) and Reflections (2017). It's an honor for SonarCar to have been chosen by the polifacetic DJ to showcase all this and more in what will be his only date in Spain in 2019.