Fake Guido


  • Saturday 20 21:30 - 22:25

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Digital Dancehall

Along with Bad Gyal, with whom he has collaborated since the very beginning of their respective careers, the DJ and producer Fake Guido has helped to revolutionise the Spanish club underground, moving the sound away from trap and hip hop towards a more global, fluid sound known to some as “digital dancehall”. Despite his young age, the Valencian producer Pablo Martinez, has always had a clear vision and idea of his sound, creating beats for Bad Gyal and other luminaries of the underground such as Erik Urano that brim with ideas, and are unmistakably his. Who better than to fire the starting pistol before Bad Bunny’s show, with a set that’s sure to touch on common ground with the puerto rican, containing elements of dembow, grime, hip hop and neo-perreo.