Dj Seinfeld


  • Friday 19 23:35 - 00:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

No Joke

Gaining traction as a stand out figure of the so-called “lo-fi house” scene, Dj Seinfeld is the alias of Armand Jakobsson, a Swedish DJ and producer now based in Barcelona. While the lo-fi house tag helped his tracks get attention, stripped of any scene they stand up by themselves as timeless house tracks in the Chicago tradition but with an unquantifiable extra freshness about them. It’s exactly this quality that has allowed the producer to thrive in a crowded field, with the infectious synth lines and perfect melodies of tracks such as “Time Spent away from U”, impossible to forget once heard.

A native of Malmo in, it was in Edinburgh where the young Swedish producer first turned his hand to beatmaking, with his evident talent quickly leading to an EP on Lobster Theremin in 2016. The years in between have seen a steady stream of bookings and releases (including an installment of the prestigious DJ Kicks series), culminating in the bravura release of “Sakura”, a track that was dropped by none other than Aphex Twin in his recent run of live shows. His set at Sónar is another step upwards in what is a startling, and well deserved trajectory.