DJ Koze

Pampa Records / DE

  • Friday 19 05:30 - 07:00

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

A man out of time

The verdict is in, and it’s unanimous: Knock Knock, the most recent LP from DJ Koze is one of 2018’s most lauded records. With Knock Knock, Koze has crossed over into the mainstream, winning plaudits from blogs to broadsheets for his unique and masterful way of crafting electronic tapestries, where each element seems at once haphazardly and perfectly placed. It’s a defining work from the German DJ and producer who over the last 15 years has consistently wowed clubbers and music fans with his particular, psychedelic take on house, techno and disco, and one which will take on a special protagonism in his closing set at SonarPub on Friday night.

Precocious and talented to the last, Koze was already turning heads with his first releases on Kompakt in 2005, with his debut “Kosi comes around” appearing on the label in the same year. That release with it’s leanings towards minimal house with a penchant for earworm melodies and splashes of idiosyncratic brilliance, already had all the hallmarks of Koze’s sonic palette. In 2010, Koze founded the influential Pampa records, which as well as his follow up “Amygdala” LP, has released records by Robag Wruhme, Ada, Axel Boman and Sophia Kennedy among others. Despite its stellar contributions (including Bon Iver, Roisin Murphy and Jose Gonzalez), Knock Knock is simply the latest development of an artist without whom European electronica would sound very different.