Daniel Avery

Phantasy Sound / UK

  • Friday 19 02:25 - 03:40

    Sónar by Night - SonarPub by Thunder Bitch

Trancendental techno

For followers of the new techno sound coming out of the UK, Daniel Avery is something of a lode star. A one time resident at London’s Fabric nightclub (his Fabric Live mix is an essential installment in the series), since 2012 Daniel has been responsible for crafting a sound that remains transcendental while firmly focused on the dancefloor. A case in point is his second LP Songs for Alpha, released through Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Label, and that sees him refine and perfect his stated ambition of making music for those moments in the club where the outside world seems a distant afterthought.

Since 2013’s “Drone Logic”, Daniel Avery has carved an important place for himself within the UK techno underground. Attuned to the dancefloor, but fascinated by the expansive possibilities of sound design, his productions use the sounds and synths of dance music history as a jumping off point for impressionistic and transcendental explorations, placing him in the upper echelon of new disco mavens.