Cecilio G

Poland Music / ES

  • Saturday 20 19:30 - 20:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Back on road

Already a legend in his native Barcelona, the self proclaimed King of Bogatell will perform at Sónar, bringing to life his mind-bending lyrics as heard on the mixtapes Mad Max Power (produced by Enry K), or on his tongue in cheek LP Joaveli. Cecilio G is the real deal, a hard living street rat with a heart of gold who shoulders up against the tribulations of life on road with an 808, some hefty sub-bass and a ton of surrealism. Even if one were to strip away the music, you'd still be left with a total artist, one who's unique worldview and way with words has seen him transcend the genre pigeonholes of trap or punk and pushed him to the top of the national media landscape.

With over 30 million views between them, there's little doubt that his viral hits, 'From Darkness with Love' or 'Gucci Sana' will feature in his set: that's if he doesn't get distracted by a McDonalds or fall foul of the law in the meantime.

Listen to Cecilio G here