SonarLab presented by Resident Advisor

Blawan & Dax J

TERNESC - Monnom Black / UK

  • Saturday 20 03:05 - 04:55

    Sónar by Night - SonarLab - Resident Advisor

Status update

Modern life is noisier - and more electronic - than it’s ever been, with an endless cacophony of push notifications, public transport announcements, machinistic clangs and ringtones, assaulting us on a daily basis. No wonder that the DJ’s and producers leading the charge of new music from the underground, synthesise this bleeping, polyphonic and polyrhythmic soundscape onto the dancefloor. Two of these electronic innovators, Blawan and Dax J will be joining together for a unique back to back set at the Resident Advisor SonarLab stage.

Since releasing his now classic ‘Why they hide the bodies under my garage’ on Hinge Finger, Blawan aka Jamie Roberts has carved an influential niche, revitalising industrial techno through releases on Hessle Audio and R&S records, as well as his breakneck dj sets which have garnered him a cult following in darkrooms and basements across the world.

Fellow adoptive Berliner Dax J has, in a relatively short time, created big waves in the world of dark and industrial techno. Clearly influenced by Surgeon, harder edged minimal and of course the sounds of Tresor and Berghain, his label Monnom Black, is a go to for those DJ’s looking to find moody textures along with their bpms. Together, these two dj’s at the top of their game promise to deliver a set as challenging as it will be danceable, until we have to return to the simpler noises of the world outside.