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Body Music

Arca’s reputation as perhaps this century’s most innovative, iconoclastic, progressive and, yes we’ll say it, revolutionary artist preceeds him - as does his 2017 performance in SonarHall, a space the artist took to instinctively, resulting in one of the most challenging and intense shows of that edition. The red curtained space will host him once again this year, as he brings new creations into the light.

As Arca, Alejandro Ghersi has upended musical, professional and political boundaries since his emergence as a producer at the beginning of the decade, working with artists as groundbreaking as Bjork, Kanye West or FKA Twigs. Whether through his approach to music - the shattered windshield electronica of 2014’s Xen comes to mind - or in his personal as political disregard for easy labels, Arca is a true original, one who creates his own rules that the rest of the world ends up following.