Sónar Calling GJ273b Control Room by Absolut

Absolut Manifesto is a statement of intents and solid convictions. It is about living in spaces of resistance and freedom around music and art. It is about defending individual freedom, love and sexuality, equality and to imagining a responsible future. For this reason, Absolut joins Sonar’s 25th anniversary celebration, a reference festival in terms of music, creativity and technology. Absolut shares with this festival the vision of a contemporary world in a natural and consistent way. Sónar Calling GJ273b Control Room by Absolut is the celebration of its 25th anniversary by sending a message in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. 38 musicians send music to GJ273b, a potentially habitable exoplanet, 12.4 light years from Earth. A celebration, an artistic and scientific experiment and a collective rumination opened to human and alien. Absolut supports this initiative and believes that as well as there´s not an only way of understanding our world, it is probable that intelligent life exists beyond this one.

In Sónar by Day, Absolut Manifesto Headquarters invites the audience at Sónar Village to defend their beliefs encouraging progress. Through the creation of a manifest video portrait, the participants will see words and sentences reflected on their faces as a way of protest. Also, bandanas with written messages experessing these convictions will be handed out. As well as the classic liquid vodka cocktails, Absolut proposes the freezed popsicle as an innovative form of consuming cocktail with refreshing flavours.

For Sónar by Night, Artistic installation that invites to reflects about commitment in contemporary world, to stand for what we believe, trough video-art using advertising, documentary and animation cinema tactics. An artwork that drinks from social movements and draws a virtual collage to make critical thoughts about four main matters: sexual and love freedom, no gender nor established canons, a world without countries and a future full of hope. An installation full of commitment that expresses Absolut Manifesto convictions at Sónar by Night venue.

Roger González and Félix Bollaín

Roger and Félix are a tandem of young multidisciplinary video producers that are starting to stand out at the audio-visual scene. They both work at advertising and their videos have an urban conception from a skate background as part of the Sevenmad collective at Madrid. Félix is a self-taught producer who has been filming everything he has seen seen for ten years. Roger is a hand camera and VHS effect lover. He has worked for C. Tangana, La Zowie or Agorazein collective and his universe has even seduced Gosha Rubichinsky.