The MEDIAPRO Group is the leading European conglomerate in the audiovisual sector. Its activity encompasses contents production, the management of rights to sporting events, the provision of audiovisual services, and advice and consultancy services in spheres related to MEDIAPRO’s main activity. With headquarters in 50 cities in 32 countries, the Group plays a significant role in the planning of smart cities, the design and implementation of interactive museum spaces using the most advanced technology, and the planning of cross-sector contents for marketing and publicity activities.

MEDIAPRO is developing a strong digital branch and promotes the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP), the world’s leading eSports channel in Spanish. It has built up a vast experience in rights management, as well as the production of sporting events and the creation of OTT platforms.

MEDIAPRO contributes the creativity and technical solutions needed to design, produce and distribute all kinds of audiovisual or multichannel contents and projects worldwide. Innovation and a cross-sectoral approach are key elements of every MEDIAPRO project.