Sponsors’ activities at Sónar 2018


During the festival, Sónars sponsors will be performing several actions and activities throughout the festival site. Read on to find out more


For another year, Estrella Damm will take part in Barcelona’s biggest Music, Creativity and Technology event. They’ll be at SonarVillage by Estrella Damm, with specially designed bars by the artist Marc Jesús, serving the Mediterranean beer.


The SonarDôme stage program, curated by Red Bull Music and Sónar for the fourteenth consecutive year, celebrates 20 years of the existence of Red Bull Music Academy, with unique performances and surprising collaborations by students, alumni and established artists. Among many others, performances by Sophie, Tony Allen x Amp Fiddler, Studio Barnhus, Tony Humphries, the tribute to the videogame music Diggin in the carts (DITC Sound + Kode9 x Koji Morimoto + Yuzo Koshiro x Motohiro Kawashima) and the national artists Big Menu, Cora Novoa & Clip and Alex Silva with a full band.


Thunderbitch celebrates 25 years of Sónar with an incredible stage design. High voltage challenges, live performances, a chill out area and a lot of chilli! Drop by SonarCar and discover the most irreverant space at the festival.


StubHub, worlds largest marketplace for buying and selling tickets, will be present at Sónar Barcelona with a stand where visitors can enjoy the best views of the main stage of Sónar by Day. In addition, drop by the stand to take part in a Golden Ticket draw for your favourite musical event.


Absolut joins the celebration of Sonar's 25th anniversary, a festival with which it shares its vision of the contemporary world in a natural and coherent way. Absolut presents Sónar Calling GJ273b Control Room by Absolut, a space designed to discover the artistic and scientific aspects of the 12.4-year journey to the exoplanet Luyten b, one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the festival. In addition, Absolut Manifesto will offer innovative experiences at Sonar by Day and Sonar by Night, inviting attendees to stand up for what they believe in, and fight for change.


Tezenis is a brand of underwear, easywear and swimwear whose collections are inspired by major world capitals and in music as the international language for expressing the brand’s cosmopolitan and transgressive persnonality. For the second year in a row, Tezenis will collaborate with Sónar, Europe’s most important electronic music festival, joining culture music and technology, and allowing an international public to get to know the innovations in the sector in a unique and surprising way.


The sports shoe brand ASICSTIGER joins Sónar 2018 as an official sponsor and, to celebrate, has created a space at SonarHall that will teleport visitors to Japan in the 90's, with arcade games, retro technology and neon lighting to create a very special atmosphere. In addition, discover the launch of their iconic model GEL-SAGA OG, a twist on a retro classic replete with touches of fluo and 90's styling.


Come to the Volkswagen Driving Music space and get a souvenir photo of you and your friends to remember your Sónar experience. In addition you could win prizes such as premium Spotify accounts and tickets to Sónar by Night. You’ll find them at the entrance to SonarHall. And if you don’t already have a way to get to Sónar, remember that you can arrive by carshare through the new Volkswagen carsharing platform.


Jack & Jones celebrates Sonar's 25th anniversary by offering several festival-inspired designs in an exclusive collection available at more than 250 of the brand's retail outlets. In addition, he has promoted this collection with a video that can be found on the web and a contest whose winner will be able to enjoy, together with a companion, the experience of the festival.


This year J&B will present at Sonar - the most avant-garde festival of the national scene - a space where attendees can experiment and enjoy unique and innovative proposals to taste whisky. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, J&B has also designed an exclusive limited edition bottle inspired by the festival itself.


Etnia Barcelona presents Souvenir, its new SS18 capsule. A souvenir of a future world and the first glasses that take you straight to Sonar's 25th anniversary. As well as the activities at Etnia Barcelona's flagship store - where the brand takes you directly to Sónar with the purchase of the Souvenir model - Etnia will be present at the festival with a showroom for artists where they will be given sunglasses to enjoy at the festival.


Sonar360º by MEDIAPRO is a space dedicated to fulldome audiovisual work. The pieces presented here are immersive experiences where the audience is completely surrounded by 360° image and sound.


Pioneer DJ is proud to have been an official technology partner of Sonar since its first edition in 1994. The Pioneer DJ Demo is now a classic from Sónar and Sónar+D. For the third consecutive year the brand has one of the most important producers and remixers in the international scene, KINK, who will present several of Pioneer's products, including the DJS1000.


Vueling celebrates the diversity and pleasure of participating in the main cultural, sporting, gastronomic and musical events of Europe. This summer Vueling brings Sónar closer to Europe, bringing visitors from more than 130 destinations to the city to enjoy one of the most important musical events of the year.


At the Royal Bliss stands you can enjoy a selection of premium mixed drinks designed especially for the occasion. Unique recipies developed to help you enjoy Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night, with the best flavour. Who said you can't enjoy a good mixed drink at your favourite festival?


For another year Sangre de Toro will be at Sónar joining the best music to a great glass of wine. Come to our wine bar and enjoy Sangre de Toro while you experience the festival.


Torres 15 brandy lands at Sonar 2018 inspired by the most avant-garde spirit of Barcelona. Like the festival, Torres 15 always tries to break with stereotypes and surprise, choose another path, look where no one else is looking and try to live something new every day.


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