Sónar goes underground, with Mueveloreina in the Metro


For another year, Sónar descends into the Barcelona Metro to offer a concert that serves as a free aperitif less than a week before the start of the festival.

This year's stars are the Spanish duo Mueveloreina, who will perform their tropical urban pop and trap live on Friday 8 June at 7pm in the lobby of the Universitat station (Metro lines 1 and 2).

Karma Cereza and Joaco J Fox are gradually forming a catalogue of songs full of acidic lyrics that don’t hold back from political and social issues, and that have led them to become one of the most rapidly growing groups on youtube. Their first big hit, "Cheapqueen", was viewed over 300,000 times and their Spotify also has tens of thousands of listeners. Mueveloreina present a new and fresh direction for trap with tropical sounds from a brazen attitude, achieving precisely what they promise with their artistic name: movement of bodies and a lot of heat on the track. Something they’re bound to generate in the foyer of the Universitat metro station.