Godmode / US

  • Thursday 14 19:30 - 20:40

    Sónar by Day - SonarVillage by Estrella Damm

Innate talent

Kathy Lee, a New Yorker of Korean origin better known as Yaeji, does everything: she spins, produces, sings and is also a visual artist and fashion designer. And each of these activities are carried out with astonishing naturalness. As far as music is concerned, Yaeji combines what she likes best from trap, pop and house in her inimitable productions, sung in a mixture of English and Korean. Her output to date has been collected in two releases:"Yaeji" and "EP 2" (both last year), that sound simple and effective, as if they've always been there, just waiting for someone to discover them.

In her sets the spirit is the same: fresh and 100% relatable, while sonically her palette expands to the rhythms of hip hop and the basic 4x4 of house and techno, the broken rhythms of jungle and breakbeat, the sexiness of disco, j-pop or the new contemporary currents of club music. Plus, she always has a microphone on hand in case she's up to singing at any time - something that, of course, she does with all the naturalness in the world. One of her first hits was a version of the Mall Grab track,"Guap", with a more hesitant rhythm and her voice layered above the vocal. The author liked it so much that he invited Yaeji to sing on another of his tracks,"Mountain". That's exactly the kind of instant attraction her music inspires. Her show is already shaping up to be one of the highlights of SonarVillage.