Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones - AV Live

Fractal Fantasy / CA-AT

  • Thursday 14 16:30 - 17:20

    Sónar by Day - SonarHall

Witness the future

The skillset of duo Sinjin & Zora is virtually unparalleled. Although still young they possess a wide-ranging experience in club life and music scenes from around the world. Both are responsible for Fractal Fantasy, the exciting platform from which they continuously release futuristic music, one step ahead of the game, where visual components are equally as important as sound. Their live shows magnify their own unique take on sound and probably provide the creative space that allows them to develop their projects even further: their sets are literally amazing, in which genres collide, as if forming a distinct new language; while their visuals engulf the senses, enticing onlookers to enter inside their warped reality from start to finish.

Aside from Fractal Fantasy and their spectacular live performances and sets, both are also highly sought after producers: Sinjin has finally released his first album, "First Opus", an essential 2017 reference in the field of experimental electronic club music, and has also produced for luminaries including Kanye West, DJ Rashad, Frank Ocean and Just Blaze; meanwhile Zora signed her first EP in 2015, "100 Ladies", she has produced La Zowi and recently released a track with Jlin for "Visceral Minds 2", the new Fractal Fantasy compilation that also includes music from Scratcha DVA, Murlo, Canblaster and L-Vis 1990, among others.