Star on the rise

Real artists don't just build on the existing scene: they create a new space for expression. One that, once created, feels like it's always been there. In Rosalía's voice, worlds that seemed apart before are reconciled: at once faithful to the old singers and completely groundbreaking in her approach; it's no accident that critics refer to her as 'The flamenco singer that this generation needed'.
Rosalía will make her live Sónar debut in 2018 with a special show, different from what she’s done until now. At this point in time we are unable to share details of these endeavours: only that it will be a step forward in her brilliant career, a change, a new era. 
Few artists in recent memory have changed the game as much as Rosalía. With her debut LP in 2017, created with Raul Refree, this singer has become an icon of our musical moment. 
Her presence on stage has already been witnessed in the main alternative festivals, while she also continues to play the traditional flamenco circuit. Her show at Sónar will be the starting point of a new journey, which will also undoubtedly confirm her status as a bonafide star.