Rosa Pistola

Perreo Pesado / CO

  • Friday 15 20:45 - 21:30

    Sónar by Day - SonarXS

Dance or die

A few weeks ago Rosa Pistola, the Colombian residing in Mexico City, told the media something that is already street knowledge: Reggaeton is Latin America’s real punk scene. A reggaeton sound she immediately gravitated towards upon arrival in the most populated capital in the world. Her music soon began to move beyond the limits of downtown Mexico City, and in the fall of 2017 she appeared in the first Boiler Room dedicated exclusively to perreo, starring alongside Puerto Rican Dj Playero and New Yorkers DJ Bembona and Oscar Nñ. She releases music on Perreo Heavy, the netlabel dedicated to expanding the ghetto sound, and in 2015 she recorded a mixtape with trap sensation Yung Beef, Pxxr Gvng member (now Los Santos) who last year performed on the same stage which will welcome Pistola in 2018: the XS stage at Sónar by Day.

After more than ten years living in Mexico, the Colombian has learned to live in a culture where death is commonplace. This is reflected by the name of her own clothing brand, R†P by Rosa Pistola, helping to promote local street fashion among the younger generation. Pistola has also been working with cohorts Dj Krizis and Dj Sueño for some time and aims to push collective members to the forefront of the DJ circuit regardless of genre considerations. The struggle, of course, continues.