Richie Hawtin CLOSE

minus / CA

  • Saturday 16 04:25 - 05:40

    Sónar by Night - SonarClub

Closer and closer to perfection

Richie Hawtin returns to Sónar to present his show CLOSE, challenging the fine line between a conventional DJ set and a live performance, using machines and software. A few years ago the Richie Hawtin Live twitter account broadcast the track names from his set in real time, and the new show from the Ontarian genius will see him further commit to an enhanced visual experience. The deployment of cameras strategically distributed around the stage will allow him to show the relationship between man and machine via a large screen, allowing the public to experience the intuitive movements of one of the most admired and respected artists on the international circuit. The Canadian artist has always explored the relationship between human creativity and state-of-the-art technologies in his albums and various projects, which has allowed him the freedom necessary to access his yearning for perfection through improvisation. In this show, Hawtin once again demonstrates that he is still interested in bringing his movements closer to an audience that always demands the best from him. Regardless of awards and recognition, Hawtin continues to grow as a total artist and is guaranteed to provide another jaw dropping performance at Sónar 2018.