• Friday 15 16:00 - 16:50

    Sónar by Day - SonarComplex

A new direction

Whenever his busy schedule permits him, Raül Fernández returns to his own project, Refree, the place that allows him to experiment and create personal sounds without having to compromise. This will be the case at Sónar, where he will perform for the first time, with an all new electronic direction. This change in tack might come as a surprise to long term followers but nevertheless follows the restless logic of an artist that has always used his enormous talent to push at the boundaries of genre.

For his Sónar show, Refree has worked closely with the Catalan director Isaki Lacuesta, to bring to life a concept revolving around the false freedoms of the internet, as well as questioning our passive acceptance of control and surveillance technology. Big data, the editing of Google Maps and the dark web, are just some of the themes explored by Refree and Lacuesta, which will be presented during the show in the form of a video installation.

Fernandez first stood out as guitarist in the last years of hardcore-pop group Corn Flakes, and it was easy to see that his unusual talent could lead him in many other directions. An extremely gifted instrumentalist and instinctual musician, with an innate ability to relate and understand others, and a panoramic music vision, have made him a sought after and respected producer. His production CV is impressive: Christina Rosenvinge, Lee Ranaldo, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Josele Santiago, Nacho Umbert, Kiko Veneno, Albert Pla and Rosalía (also performing at this year's Sónar) are just some of the artists who have placed their faith in him. Furthermore, he has released seven albums as Refree, has toured with Josh Rouse and was also member of bands such as Sitcom, Romodance and Élena. Sónar will have the luxury of seeing him present these new sounds and compositions from this most personal project.

Isaki Lacuesta is one of the most critically adored and awarded catalan directors working today. Since 2002, he has worked not only in cinema (with 8 feature length films to his name), but also with video-art, exhibiting widely in spaces such as the Venice Biennale, Centre d'art Santa Monica in Barcelona, Atrium in Vitoria or the Frankfurt Book Fair.